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Top Five Vogue 73 Questions Segments

James Corden’s last meal would be a Shake Shack burger. Serena Williams once went body bowling. Cindy Crawford thinks Prince Eric is the hottest Disney prince. In its brilliant 73 Questions series, Vogue Magazine uses a wide range of questions (some fun, some philosophical) to give viewers an intimate, comical and insightful look into a high-profile celebrity in a single shot. With the interviewer off screen, all focus is on the subject as they walk and talk, usually in their stunning residence. Each episode has its charms and its shocks, but these four are packed with personality and are uniquely compelling.

1. Blake Lively

Photo Courtesy of Spoon University

Bursting with sincerity and sweetness, Lively is calm, casual and radiant as ever. Her down-to-earth nature is strikingly palpable, and her answers are unfailingly amusing. She discusses her passion for melted cheese and the coral dress she wore to her prom while decorating cupcakes in the Blakery (the name her husband Ryan Reynolds gave to the chic kitchen of their New York City apartment). Her interview is chock-full of intriguing anecdotes that leave us wanting more (like the time her mother brought home a child from a yard sale). You can’t help but smile watching this endearing interview, and you will no doubt fall even more in love with Blake Lively in the process.

2. Priyanka Chopra

Star of “Quantico” and “Baywatch,” Chopra is well-seasoned in front of the camera and her ease, confidence and genuine humor puts other 73 Questions interviewees to shame. From the moment she appears in frame, her tone is so earnest and conversational that you feel as though she’s speaking directly to you. Her segment best exemplifies the ambitious goal of series: to somehow fully capture a celebrity’s personality via 73 questions. And in Chopra, Vogue triumphs. She discusses her cultural heritage and love of India, fights an inflatable clown and sings her favorite Taylor Swift song, complete with sound effects. With grace and a never-ceasing smile, Priyanka Chopra dazzles from start to finish.

Photo Courtesy of Elle India

3. Neil Patrick Harris

As a renowned entertainer, Neil Patrick Harris is famous for his charisma and array of talents, and viewers will find no shortage of those in his 73 Questions segment. He guides viewers through one of the most dazzling homes of any celebrity on 73 Questions: a decked out apartment in Harlem, with a full bar and the booth from “How I Met Your Mother,” exquisitely decorated for Christmas. NPH shows off his coolest trinkets, including a robot parrot named Polly, a self-playing piano and, of course, his Tony award. He even gives viewers a mini-performance as he flawlessly raps a portion of “My Shot” from Hamilton. When the segment is wrapping up, he shows the interviewer to an “apothecary cabinet” full of fun parting gifts for guests, making us all wish we could enjoy a day at the NPH residence.

Photo Courtesy of Popsugar

 4. Emma Stone

Casual and cool is the vibe of Emma Stone’s 73 Questions segment, as she escorts viewers through her comfortable LA home. Dressed down in jeans and offering the interviewer a beer, Stone is so friendly and laid-back that you almost forget she’s a celebrity. The interview is made even more engaging by her unfailingly witty answers. She tells of her first job baking dog treats in a dog bakery and celebrates National Dress Your Pet in a Raincoat Day by dressing her own dog, Ren. She even treats viewers to a stunning Britney Spears impression and a spontaneous magic trick. Emma Stone is certainly skyrocketing in Hollywood, but Vogue’s segment beautifully reveals the authentic and down-to-earth woman behind the tabloids and headlines.

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