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The Right Way to Watch the Royal Wedding

On May 19, Meghan Markle will embark on her on own real-life fairytale. She’ll marry Prince Harry at St. George’s Chapel and the world will watch on. This will be a day to remember, with beautiful outfits, celebrity appearances and an epic love story wrapped into one fantastic spectacle. My excitement for this historical day makes me hark back to April 2011, when I watched Kate and Will say “I do.” From this memorable experience, I feel qualified to call myself an experience Royal Wedding viewer. Here’s the right way to watch the wedding from the comfort of home.

Gather together your equally royally-obsessed friends and family.

The bigger the group the better! Make some merriment with people just as into the wedding of complete strangers as you are.

(Image via Giphy, Alejandro Jodorowsky Party Gif by Endless Poetry)

Wear fascinators. 

Never heard of fascinators? They aren’t just hats. No, no. They are extravagant, colorful, decorative pieces worn on one’s head that truly pull together a prim-and-proper look. Even if you choose to watch the wedding in your pajamas, you must have a fascinator on to get in the spirit. Just not these ones…

(Image via Giphy, Bodas Principiantes Gif)

English food is a must.

Before Will and Kate’s wedding, my family and I had the good fortune to have visited London on vacation. Preparation was already underway for the wedding, and Kate and Will merchandise lined every street. We snagged a box of “Kate and Will Tea” and brought it to the Royal Wedding party. But even the international section of your local food mart will suffice! Pile on the Yorkshire pudding and get ready to party.

(Image via Giphy, Rory Pond)

Remember that tricky time difference!

The wedding starts at 12 p.m.… in London. But that means 7 a.m. on the East Coast. Don’t sleep through the magic moments, and don’t let that early start time scare you. You’re not running a marathon. You’re sitting on the couch, gorging on cake and English pastries while watching the magic happen.

(Image via Giphy, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

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