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I Tried Clinique’s Skincare Regime, And Here’s Why I Recommend It

Since my very first whitehead made its grand and unavoidable entrance via my 11-year-old chin, I’ve been through the proverbial wringer searching fruitlessly for a cure-all skincare solution. But never one for reckless spending – and always one to make a beeline for the sales rack at the mall – I purchased only cheap, drugstore products hoping that one would finally eradicate my ever-protruding acne.

Almost a decade later, after bottles from every drugstore brand in every color with every celebrity endorser imaginable were tossed, it was high time for a splurge. On January 1 (hello, New Years resolution season!) I retired my ineffective wash for a complete set of cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, and more from the Clinique​ counter.

This multistep process requires more arduous upkeep than my old one-and-done skin treatments. But after weeks of religiously abiding by my new routine, I’ve come to some important revelations that confirm a holistic, carefully designed skincare regimen is more effective than cheap washes and therefore worth the extra cash. If you’ve never understood why high-quality skincare routines involve so many different products, read on for a breakdown of each step and why it’s actually valuable.

Step 1: Cleanser

Perhaps the most basic and crucial part of any skincare routine, cleansing the skin provides the foundation for all subsequent steps. A good cleanser​ expunges the dirt and sweat you’ve accumulated throughout the day and readies your pores for the rest of the treatment. Not to mention, a morning face scrub is the perfect way to wake yourself up and prep yourself for a productive day.

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion

Previously, I always used the terms cleanser and exfoliator interchangeably, figuring that they both meant simply cleaning dirt off of the skin. Au contraire! The two are distinct steps of a healthy skincare routine, so much so that there’s some online debate​ about whether cleansing or exfoliating first will produce better results. Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion combines the effects of an exfoliator and a toner to removes dead skin cells and leave your skin looking brighter with a noticeable glow. No matter whether you choose to cleanse or exfoliate first, find what works best for you and stick to it.

Step 3: Spot Treatment

Despite enforcing a rigorous acne prevention routine, the occasional red zit may rear its ugly head. When this eye-roll inducing moment occurs, worry not! Apply a spot treatment​ to stop the unwelcome visitor in its tracks and prevent further breakouts. Be careful of being too overzealous, as the salicylic acid – while powerful! – could also dry out your skin.

Step 4: Serum

Serums are an often overlooked but very worthwhile addition to your daily process. Not to be confused with the medical term (“serum” is also a component of blood…yikes!), face serums activate deep into your skin and help retain its moisture. Clinique boasts a wide array​ of serums, designed for various distinct purposes. From repairs to dark spot correctors to pore refiners, serums offer benefits to give your skin the boost it needs.

Step 5: Eye Cream

If you’re like me, you sometimes wake up looking like you’ve been in a boxing match. Big, puffy eyes and dark circles give the impression that you’ve just rolled out of bed, even if you’ve been awake for hours. A lightweight eye cream​ can hide those unsightly features and give you a bright, energized look.

Step 6: Moisturizer

No routine is complete without moisturizing the skin. Our skin craves moisture, and the manifold benefits of this step extend much further than simply eradicating past blemishes. Cracks in the skin can let in dirt but also infections, so a moisturizer provides an extra layer of protection. Not to mention, it can halt wrinkles and even mask existing ones. With no oil or fragrance, Clinique’s moisturizers give skin a natural, firm and smooth appearance.

Step 7: Sunscreen

Even in the dead of winter, the sun is a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly. Sunscreen is a necessary step in every season and prevents wrinkles and sun damage from marring your skin. Clinique’s SPF 30 sunscreen cream​uses mineral and UVB/UVA filters in addition to SolarSmart+ technology. Applying sunscreen takes just a few seconds, but counteracts significant amounts of damage that could affect your skin for years.

Step 8: Makeup

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final step of the process. Your face is cleared, treated and ready to be enhanced by makeup. The previous steps in the process may leave your face looking slightly red and exposed. Using Clinique’s liquid foundation, you can give your skin more natural coloring while also combating future acne.

The Consensus

Making the choice to put your well-earned money aside for pricier products should take some serious consideration. But if, like me, you’ve wasted countless dollars on $5.00 washes from Walgreens then it is surely time for a worthwhile investment. A multistep process will address current, future, and past skin blemishes and issues, preserving flawless skin for years to come. Find what works for you, stick to it, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you see a difference.

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