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Five Things Royal Fanatics Do (With No Shame!)

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

For British royal family enthusiasts like myself, 2018 has been one non-stop frenzy of royal activity to keep us all very much on the edge of our seats. From the fairytale wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to Princess Eugenie’s own happy marriage to Prince Louis’s birth to Meghan’s baby bump announcement, news about the royals seems inescapable. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Since I woke up at 5 a.m. on that fateful day – April 29, 2011 – to watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William in front of the whole world, I’ve been stuck on royal news and culture like a suction cup. No stone is left unturned.

If you truly want to call yourself royally obsessed, here are the five things you already do (and if you don’t, start doing them IMMEDIATELY!):  

Listen to the “Royally Obsessed” podcast from PureWow

What?! You don’t already subscribe? That must change immediately. Hosted by Kaitlin Menza and Lisa Ryan, each episode features top royal news of the week, a royal cocktail recipe and a look back in royal history. Kaitlin and Lisa’s lighthearted banter makes for a relaxing listen and this well-researched series will pique the interest of an avid royal aficionado.

Cackle over Gary Janetti’s Instagram

By day, Gary Janetti is a television writer and producer. But on Instagram he takes on the persona of a sassy, foul-mouthed, five-year-old prince. That’s right, Prince George critiques Meghan Markle’s sartorial choices, fights Princess Charlotte for the spotlight and even dabbles in some political commentary on Janetti’s page. He’s amassed a following of 655,000 and his humor continues to delight fans.

Watch “Suits”

I’ll be the first to admit it: I came late to the game with “Suits” and still have a while to go. But my fondness for Meghan encouraged me to add the show to my must-watch list. More than a season in, I can say I am certainly not disappointed and cannot stop obsessing over the fact that in that point in time when the show began Meghan did not know what her future had in store.

Throughout the filming of the series, Meghan divorced her first husband and was likely feeling some real pain off screen. If only Meghan could see where she’d be in 2018: married to a freaking Prince, an international fashion icon and a worldwide mouthpiece for women’s rights - oh, and with a baby on the way.

Keep up with Meghan’s besties

When Meghan packed up and left for the adventure of a lifetime in the United Kingdom, she left behind some of her best pals. Meghan’s best friend and Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney just landed a sweet gig on Good Morning America. Priyanka Chopra is selfishly leaving us with just ONE available Jonas on the market. Serena Williams, “Suits” co-star Abigail Spencer, longtime friend Lindsay Jill Roth and more all posted on Instagram in support of the Duchess’s new cookbook entitled “Together.” You know Meghan is keeping them all in her heart on the other side of the world.

Rewatch the “The Queen’s Corgi” trailer. Again. And Again.

Everyone knows Queen Elizabeth loves her corgis, and now these little dogs are making their way to the big screen. This upcoming 2019 animated feature will tell the story of Rex, one of the Queen’s beloved pups, who gets lost and must find his way back home. The trailer has set my expectations for cuteness overload to astronomical levels. I can’t wait to be in the audience opening night.

Whether you’ve been a die-hard royal fan for years or are just hopping on the bandwagon, you’d be remiss not to check out these five things and further your obsession. Welcome to the dark side.

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